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2019; Country=Germany; Score=2882 votes; 7,9 of 10 star; Runtime=174 Minutes; Romance.

This was such a beautiful movie


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I'm crying and this is just a trailer😭😭. Makes me think of love. I lv it. The agent for this kid is doing amazing cause hes in everything lately 😂. Terrence Malick's return to narrative form was unexpected to me, but I was looking forward to this film with a lot of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I was just about the only one. The film opened tonight at my local theater, playing on the biggest screen they have, and only about 15 others showed up to watch it with me. As this film is more conventional than his recent features, I think a mainstream audience would very much enjoy it, and so it's really too bad that it's been ignored. I encourage everyone to go see it in theaters before it's gone.
Malick is still at his peak in terms of cinematography, but you might have expected his ability to get convincing performances out of actors to have waned from lack of use. Not so; while the performances are heightened to suit Malick's romantic style, they're also perfectly naturalistic whenever he needs them to be.
Although we're back on the guide rails of a traditional structure, the way in which Malick tells a story has not changed. We have the same obsession with nature imagery, with numerous lengthy shots. In this case it's mostly used for the purpose of straightforward symbolism, though the film's themes make use of it as well in ways that are more subtle. That "A Hidden Life" follows a less experimental approach also makes it more obvious that Malick has begun to repeat himself. Viewers will recognize many shots and visual metaphors from his previous films, perhaps most directly the highly-choreographed "couple meeting" shot. Much of the music is reused as well, with Malick continuing his reliance on Górecki to provide emotional weight. Not that this is ineffective - the small crowd at my theater found itself in tears at several points - but I think Malick is a bit too reliant on quoting himself to get the point across, and I'd like to see something entirely fresh from him. One bright spot was in the camera work. Though we see many of the same meandering camera movements as before, it's sharply edited to direct our attention to the narrative's subjects.
Surprisingly, as Malick's works (after "Badlands" tend to be very independent, the film reminded me of several from other directors. It's hard to imagine this film being made without Scorsese's "Silence" and Paul Schrader's "First Reformed" from the last several years. Several scenes and the use of camera angles in general owe a lot to Dreyer's "La passion de Jeanne d'Arc" as well. The strongest thematic resemblance of all, in my mind, was to "Calvary" 2014. Even if Malick had these films in mind as he made "A Hidden Life" the references are limited, and he delivers something genuinely new and unique for us to appreciate.
On its surface, the story is the simple one we've seen in a thousand forms. It's a story about human freedom and the responsibility that comes with it, and about what it means to be complicit. Themes like these are at the core of our understanding of people like Sophie Scholl, and they echo through our cultural memory down from the Nuremberg trials. Malick offers us something a little more subtle than that, although it's hard to notice at first. First we're asked to embrace the frailty of the human being, Franz, on the screen, and to understand him as a person who (like us) cannot see his place in history, and can only act here and now as he sees best for himself and his family. How can we understand sacrifice as a possibility if we can have no clear picture of the totality of the world in which we act?
"Through faith" seems to be the answer Franz and his wife Fani give us. They are devoted Christians, and the film's close examination of the faith they practice makes this the most explicitly religious among Malick's canon of spiritual films. Fani expresses the belief that all things will work together for their good, because they love God and endeavor to do his will. As we watch the film, it's very tempting to try to guess whether or not their trust will be rewarded. But no matter what happens in the film, we leave the theater to live - like them - lives of not-knowing, waiting, and hoping. What happens if God doesn't answer?
While that possibility might seem devastating at first, Malick has something hopeful and universal to offer. We're reminded in one of Malick's trademark voiceovers that "rain falls on the just and the unjust" reflecting trust in "the way of grace" he alludes to in "The Tree of Life. What we see in Malick is faith that our actions will be granted meaning in history, but he offers no visible guarantor of that trust. He shows us how this kind of faith helps Franz and Fani make difficult decisions, and cope with their lives' most challenging moments. Some of us may be tempted to think that kind of simple trust simplistic, but the framing of the film doesn't give us that option. We look at their actions as readers of history. When we affirm that their lives have meaning, we validate the faith by which they led those lives.
The film is a truly beautiful experience, and I urge you to see it on the biggest screen you can. While this is a relatively simple feature and occasionally self-indulgent, it's a rare treat to see the work of a great filmmaker doing what he does best. If you've been put off by Malick's previous slow-paced, more experimental films, I think you'll find this one much easier to watch. It doesn't feel its length at all (3 hours 5 minutes, according to the theater staff - possibly lengthened since it was shown in festivals) and parts of it are tightly edited enough to make my heart pound. It's a thrilling story told by our greatest creator of cinematic poetry.

How i love this! can't stop watching it. I would put it in that chicks wrong hole. A higher form of filmmaking! Malick must be cherished. I love that movie. Can't wait 2 watch this. Release the lighthouse review damn it. Let's have a moment to appreciate the talent of the writers of putting that last scene. Some of the scenes are filmed at my friends house, and some are filmed at the downtown place i pass everyday when i drive to school. Crazy to see them in this.

Is that Agent Salt's husband. I thank God for. The force awakens was a good start to the trilogy and after that its gone downhill. The last Jedi was terrible, i cannot understand how anyone can say thats the best film of the trilogy. It's not disrespectful to the Holocaust victims to say that this movie is completely indistinguishable from what is going on in Trump's America right now.

Terrence Malick thank you for bringing sanity to the grandeur of love between a man and a woman. This generation and the social genocide of LGBQT+ is just the tip of the iceberg of things to come. The global elitist are a stones throw from histories greatest genocide.


'I can't do what I believe is wrong' Well that's subjective.

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