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8,1 / 10 / / Actor Michael Angelo Covino, Kyle Marvin / audience score 273 Votes / Michael Angelo Covino / Summary The Climb is a movie starring Michael Angelo Covino, Kyle Marvin, and Gayle Rankin. A look at the friendship between two guys that spans over many years. The 2000s were such a dramatic time 😂 I miss it🥰.

Watch Full Length The climbers. It's the climb high note is very hard. I need to practice it for one day. but I still can't sing it in front of many people. Watch Full Length The climber. She's not back. she's not a new Miley. she's Miley. Miley happy. Miley healthy. Miley bieng authentic to the Miley she is now. Thats all. love this song 💙.

Why can't X factor be like this again. Otava Yo Origin Saint Petersburg, Russia Genres Folk rock, world music Years active 2003–present Labels Chasovschik GEM studio Associated acts Reelroadъ Website Members Members Otava Yo ( Russian: Отава Ё, ота́ва meaning "aftergrass" [1]) is a Russian folk rock band from Saint Petersburg, formed in 2003. [2] The band has performed in 30 countries, [3] including Mexico, France, Estonia, China, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Belgium, Norway, India, the United States, the UK, Italy, Denmark, Iran and Japan. [4] History [ edit] Alexey Belkin, Alexey Skosyrev, Dmitriy Shikhardin and Peter Sergeev used to do busking together on the streets of St. Petersburg for about 3 years. The positive feedback from the listeners inspired them to officially form a band in 2003. Of the initial members only Dmitriy had formal musical education, but the rest were self-taught. [1] Initially the band was called Reelroadъ and they played The Pogues -styled Celtic punk, but later changed their name to Otava Yo and turned to Russian traditional music. [5] In 2005 they released their first studio album “Pod Aptekoj”, [6] named after their favorite street performance spot by a homeopathic pharmacy on Nevsky Prospect. [5] Four years later, in 2009, Otava Yo released their second studio album "Zhyli-byli", continuing into a musical direction they called "Russian beat". [6] The next Otava Yo's album “Rozhdestvo” of traditional Christmas songs released in 2011, marked a deviation from their characteristic musical direction, that they ultimately returned to on their 2013 album "Chto za pesni". [6] The band's breakthrough came with the video for the song “Sumetckaya”, featuring Russian fist fighters. [5] In 2015 “Sumetckaya” reached the No. 1 position on World Music Network ’s February Video Chart and had been viewed for more than 12 million times on YouTube, [4] a number that reached 14 million in 2018, setting the record as the most watched music video by a Russian folk band. [3] On August 2018 Otava Yo announced that their next album "Lyubish li ty? " had entered the mixing and mastering stage. [7] On September 30, 2018 the band released a video for the song "Kak na gorke, na gore" (Once Upon a Time on a High Hill) filmed at the Podporozhsky District in June from the upcoming album. [8] Members [ edit] Current Members Alexey Belkin – vocals, bagpipes, gusli, zhaleika Alexey Skosyrev – vocals, acoustic guitar Dmitry Shikhardin – vocals, vielle Yulia Usova – vocals, fiddle (2011–present) Petr Sergeev – bass drum, darabouka Timur Sigidin – bass guitar (2009–present) [9] Past Members Natalya Vysokikh – fiddle (2003–2011) Discography [ edit] Title Translation in English Album details [10] Под аптекой (Pod aptekoj) Under the Pharmacy Released: 2006 Label: None Format: CD Жили-были (Zhyli-byli) Once Upon a Time Released: 2009 Рождество (Rozhdestvo) Christmas Released: 2011 Что за песни (Chto za pesni) What Songs Released: 2013 Лучшие песни 2006—2015 (Luchshie pesni 2006—2015) Best Songs 2006–2015 Released: 2015 Format: CD/DVD Дайте маленькое времечко весёлому побыть! (Dayte malenkoe vremechko vesyolomu pobyt! ) Give just a little time to be merry! Любишь ли ты? (Lyubish li ty? ) Do You Love? Released: 2018 Videography [ edit] Про Диму и Петю (2010) Про Ивана Groove (2012) Дворник (2012) Что за песни (2014) Сумецкая (2015) Иванушка-рачек (2016) Ой, Дуся, ой, Маруся (2017) На речке, на речке (2018) Как на горке, на горе (2018) Яблочко (2019) У кошки четыре ноги (2020) Awards and nominations [ edit] Year Song Award Category Result 2017 Oh, Dusya, my Marusya NYC Indie Film Award [11] Best Music Video Won Maykop International Film Festival Russian World Music Awards [12] 2018 BELIFF London International Film Festival [13] Once Upon a Time on a High Hill Los Angeles Film Awards [14] 2019 California Music Video Awards [15] Best Foreign Language Video References [ edit] ^ a b Peleckis, Mindaugas (January 31, 2019). "OTAVA YO: True Russian folk music, not just another balalaika orchestra (interview)". Radikaliai. Retrieved May 6, 2019. ^ "Otava Yo". Womex. Retrieved September 3, 2018. ^ a b Vinogradov, Sergey (May 26, 2018). "Otava Yo: Svirels and gusli win the world". Russkiy Mir Foundation. Retrieved September 3, 2018. ^ a b "Otava Yo RUS". Suklegos. Retrieved September 3, 2018. ^ a b c Mukhin, Zakhar (May 22, 2017). " " Otava Yo": There is no musical confrontation between St. Petersburg and Moscow" (in Russian). Kulturomania. Retrieved November 3, 2018. ^ a b c "Otava Yo". Earthbeat. Retrieved September 3, 2018. ^ "Otava Yo tells about the new album "Lyubish li ty? " " (in Russian). August 3, 2018. Retrieved November 3, 2018. ^ "Otava Yo released a new videoclip for "Kak na gorke, na gore " " (in Russian). Musecube. October 5, 2018. Retrieved November 3, 2018. ^ "About us". Otava Yo. Retrieved September 3, 2018. ^ "Audio". Retrieved September 3, 2018. ^ "Winners - June 2017:". NYC Indie Film Awards. Retrieved September 3, 2018. ^ Antipova, Daryana (December 5, 2017). "Winners of The 2nd Annual Russian World Music Awards Announced". World Music Central. Retrieved May 6, 2019. ^ "The BELIFFestival Winners". BELIFF London International Film Festival. Retrieved September 3, 2018. ^ "LAFA WINNERS October 2018". Los Angeles Film Awards. Retrieved May 6, 2019. ^ "2nd Annual California MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS Winners Announced". TasteTV. Retrieved May 6, 2019. External links [ edit] Official website (in Russian) Otava Yo on VK Otava Yo 's channel on YouTube Лаврские встречи. Алексей Белкин, фолк-группа «Отава Ё». February 12, 2019. Soyuz.

Watch Full Length The climbs.

Tini el mejor tema con compañía q la escuche, queda genial su voz con ustedes

Average! And thats being generous!🥱.


Me hacer regresar a un año atrás cuando mi pareja me engañó xq tengo una maldiciendo 🤬 que siempre me rompen el corazón 💔 x eso el Amir no merece mi atención Quien en agosto. Me encato la voz de ese chico.💗. Watch full length crime drama movies. This song and clip made me very sad now.

Watch Full Length The climbing. I miss the old miley cyrus. Mi enamorada es insegura, ella piensa que no es hermosa, pero en verdad es la mujer más bonita y me quiero quedar con ella para toda la vida. ella es hermosa ❣️.

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My childhood. Watch Full Length theclimber. Watch Full Length The climb. Kept getting chills. Watch Full Length The climb to the stars. Memories abaout this movie and the series Im 20years old now. Watch full length the climbing. I love how this song is a decade ago but the comments are like, 3 years ago. Watch Full Length The clim city.

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10 years later and shes married to the perfect guy. I'm singing the same song to for my graduation.




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